Those who have signed the contract are listed here and they are all patriots:

Shane Hazel, GA District 7

Todd A. McKinley, TN District 1 (agrees to serve a max. of 3 terms in the House)

Casper Stockham, CO District 1

Mark Callahan, OR District 5

Sam Ronan, OH District 1

Jerry Hall, TX District 27

Frank DeMartini, CA District 43

Rich Hobson, AL District 2

Dean Browning, PA District 15 (agrees to a max of 3 terms in the House)

Jim Marter, IL District 16

Melissa Ackison, OH Senate

Vito Sagliano, TN District 2 (agree to a max of 22 years)

Mark Harris, NC District 9

Bob Kreienkamp, OH District 5

Paul Bonham, NC District 12

Court Boice, OR District 4

Philip Singleton, GA District 3

Joe Kaufman, FL District 23

Doug Mastriano, PA District 13

Christopher Peters, IA District 2

Steve Lonegan, NJ District 5

John Cullum, CA District 39

Cynthia Dunbar, VA District 6

Gerardo Serrano, KY District 5

Shamus Sayed, CA District 50

David Callahan, GA District 13

Shannon Pierce, SC District 4

Jimmy Matlock, TN District 2

Susan Hutchison, WA Senate

Andy Martin, NH District 1

Matthew Corey, CT Senate (agrees to serve a max. of 2 terms as Senator or 4 terms as Congressman).

Brian Evans, HI District 1

Andrew Shecktor, PA District 9 or 11 (possible redistricting)

Richard Boyanton, MS Senate

Larry Piegza, NY District 27

Joseph Billie, PA District 5

Joey Nations, OR District 5

John Elleson, IL District 9

Roger Edwards, CO District 6 (agrees to serve a total max. of 4 years)

Donald Rients, IL District 18 (agrees to serve a max. of 8 - 12 years)

Shak Hill, VA District 10 (

Dr. Cyndi Hanson, IA District 4

Dr. George Buck, FL District 13

Bob Anderson, MN Senate

Aaron Pettigrew, TN Senate

Sharron Angle, NV District 2

Jack Newbrough, WV Senate

Henry Rudolph Kneitz III, UT District 3

George Edward McDermott, MD District 4

Felicia Stoler, NJ, District 4

Paul Joseph Romero Jr., OR District 2

Maria Peiro, FL District 27

Todd Wolfrum, OH District 5

Anthony Blackmon, AL District 4

Paul Spain, FL District 22

Dave Giles, AZ District 9

Cristina Osmena, CA District 14

Larry Guy Hammond, SC District 7

Vance Dean, GA, District 8

Nicolas Kimaz, FL District 22

Joe Hunt, GA, District 10

Bo Copley, WV Senate

Roger Allison, NC District 1

Daryl Kipnis, NJ District 12

Clayburn Griffin, NM District 2

Mary Jones, VA District 2

Johnny Rice, MD District 5

Mike Waltz, FL District 6

James O'Donnell, NY District 18

Ron Curtis, HI Senate (agrees to serve a max. of 12 years).

Eddie Edwards, NH, District 1

Renee Zeno, NY District 26

Nnabu Eze, MD Senate

John Mitchel, OH District 10

Jared Guy Thomas, IN District 4

Rupie Phillips, WV District 3

Allen Chesser, NC District 2

Tony Campbell, MD Senate

Amie Hoeber, MD District 6

Brad Rohrs, MD District 6

Tiffany Abentroth, ND Senate

Danny Tarkanian, NV District 3

Lisa Lloyd, MD District 6

Fred Costello, FL District 6

John Webb, MO District 4

Vernon Fields, KS District 2

Tony Monetti, MO Senate

Michelle Mortensen, NV District 3

Jayesun Sherman, MN District 7

Richard Moss, IN District 8

Joe Peters, PA District 8

Casey Welch, AZ District 2

Mike Gibbons, OH Senate

Don Eckart, OH Senate

Art Robinson, OR District 4

Gabe Ferrer, FL District 27

George Buck, FL District 13

Ed Hamilton, NV District 3

Jonathan Lamb, IN District 6

Jack Heidel, NE Senate

Gina Sosa, FL District 27

Jeffrey Burum, CA District 26

Carmen Maria Montiel, TX District 29

Steve Fitzgerald, KS District 2

Bradley Griffin, GA District 10

John McCann, NJ District 5

Jack Maddux, TN District 4

Russ Fagg, MT Senate

Michael Allman, CA District 52

Corey Stewart, VA Senate

Martin Hewitt, NJ District 11

Keith Swank, WA Senate

Seth Grossman, NJ District 2

Jennifer Nye, CT District 1

Eliot Rabin, NY District 12

Citizens - urge your state's primary candidates to agree to MOE Term Limits and to get their name on the list.  Duckduckgo (search engine) your state primary candidates i.e. (Nebraska primary candidates) for a complete list of your states 2018 primary candidates and their website and contact information.  Website is:

Candidates - We are now into phase II, please send your signed agreement agreeing to MOE Term Limits to the following address: and your name will be added to the website list under: Signed Contract.