These Republican Congressmen have signed the MOE Congressional Term Limit Agreement and will be termed out after 24 years:


Mark Harris, NC District 9, start Jan. 2019

Mike Waltz, FL District 6, start Jan. 2019

Possible reasons for not signing the agreement: Congressman's annual salary - $175K, great benefits, pension, lots of perks, actual work days per year - 75 days!  Plus, don't or won't vote on anything controversial because they are worried about getting re-elected and are busy fund raising!

As President Trump drains the swamp the MOE Term Limits will help keep it drained!

Citizens - urge your state's primary candidates to agree to MOE Term Limits and to get their name on the list.  Duckduckgo (search engine) your state primary candidates i.e. (Nebraska primary candidates) for a complete list of your states 2018 primary candidates and their website and contact information.  Website is:

Candidates - We are now into phase II, please send your signed agreement agreeing to MOE Term Limits to the following address: and your name will be added to the website list under: Signed Contract.